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Eran Herman Engineering have Ten years experience in
project Consulting and management for hardware and
software design Focus in electro optics,Image
Vision,Machine Learning Test Automation, and Motion

Programming design using LABVIEW, Matlab,C#
,C languages, and OpenCV.


Eran Herman Founder of Eran Herman Engineering
hold,B.Sc in Ben Gurion University 1996,
M.Sc From Ben Gurion University 2000,from Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
and M.B.A in Tel Aviv University 2008
at 1998 Labview Course
About Us
Projects List
Index PAT. NO. Title
1 6,434,311 Reducing mode interference in transmission of a high order mode in optical fibers.
2 6,418,256 High order spatial mode optical fiber.
3 6,377,726 Transverse mode transformer.
4 6,327,403 Reducing mode interference in transmission of LP02 Mode in optical fibers.
Eran Herman also have over 4 U.S. patents at fiber optics.